About Jane Hebburn....

I grew up in the South East of England but have spent most of my working life in Cornwall. Originally, I worked mainly in monochrome acrylics with colour often only used to accentuate the symbolism in the subject which I called ‘portraits of the soul’. I exhibited in the UK and North America and built up a broad clientele in both markets. However, now suffering from Parkinsons Disease, it is increasingly difficult for me to undertake the very fine detailed work that goes into these pieces. Therefore, I have moved more and more into abstract pieces inspired by the crisis for our climate, pollution of the air and sea and the unfolding disaster for future humanity.

Portraits of the Soul

I have always had a fascination with human behaviour and emotion. That is why the pieces of work listed under ‘Portraits of the Soul’ reflect what I perceive when I look at a person, an event or a situation. When I observe a subject I try to absorb the essence of their being, seeing inside their consciousness, ignoring the physical body. Thereafter it’s easy – I just paint what I see.

I want all my work to make people think. I want it to be so that each time they look they see something new and form their own ideas about the subject and ultimately their own interpretation.

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